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New True Credit Customer...Depressed

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Re: New True Credit Customer...Depressed

StartingFresh wrote:
I know that TC doesn't use actual FICOs, but if the scores they are reporting are even close to correct, my scores have plummeted in 30 days for two of the bureaus. Equifax, of all things, is UP 40 points. TU deleted a very recent judgment against me...and my score fell 60 points. Experian, which was my highest at 680 has dropped to 510! I do have 2 new inquiries on Experian. Can that really drop my score that much?
Bleh. Vomit. Puke.
Do you guys notice that the scores are pretty close to the FICOs, or are they really different, in your experience? I know I should just be using them for watching the trend, but this is making me want to repull my FICOS for 47 bucks to see what is happening!

Hang in there, startingfresh!  You'll get there!  I do have a question about this judgment.  Was it on an old account that had a lot of history attached to it, and was the account deleted altogether? 

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