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Next Step After DV?

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Next Step After DV?

There was a debt from seven years ago on my report that is now in collections.  It was my freshman year in college and my mom got a CC in my name to "improve my credit" - she never paid it.  I knew it went to collections, but she said she took care of it.  I never got any notices, letters, or calls.  Then I checked my CR and saw that it was on there.  I contacted the CA and asked them to validate the debt.  I got a letter saying they were looking in to it.  It's been 60 days and I have no validation.  Now what do I do?  Do I write the CRA (I didn't do that the first time- just the CA) and ask them to drop it?  Write the CA and tell them to stop reporting it?  Also, the debt is almost seven years old, but this collection agency has only had it for a year.  Does that mean that it's new debt that's only a year old or is still a seven year old debt?
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Re: Next Step After DV?

Always DV in writing. CMRRR.
Send 'em a letter CMRRR. Use their address listed on your CRs. Do you have the name of the person who spoke with and the phone number you called? Assuming you do, send something like this.
"This is a follow up to my request for validation of this debt that you claim I owe. On <month> <day> of this year, I called your office at <phone> and spoke with <name>. I was told that I would be provided with validation of this debt. To date I have received nothing from your office validating this debt, but it continues to be reported on my credit report in violation of the FDCPA.
I am again requesting validation of this debt. It is beyond the period allowed under the FCRA to be reported to the credit bureaus. Delete it immediately from any and all credit bureau reports."
Feel free to tweak it to your own style of writing. Don't cut and paste in statutes. General references are better, IMHO.
Also, go ahead and dispute with the CRAs as too old to report.
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