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Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

@UncleB wrote:

@righthererightnow wrote:


I live in a rural area, too close to the post office to receive delivered mail. 

The PO Box is all that I have for USPS mail. Thats it, all of it. It's tied to my apt and location.

My PO Box is my home address. Not a trick.


I am not sure what will work for the OP, but commented
as I wanted to show that there are those of us who have to rely on getting physical mail at a PO Box.
Sometimes it is what it is.

Oh I get that, but our OP does have a working home address so this really isn't an option for him even if he does have a PO box.


I know things can definitely get wonky in cases like yours when the USPS doesn't provide carrier delivery to one's physical address, though.

My findings vary from what you said. Lived in another community that had delivery service to the physical address and I wanted my mail NOT to come to the facility. Again, the USPS told me to utilize the method I included in this thread and the financials and USPS were fine. Also, the State Driver Services Bureau was good with it too. Got all mail and no hassles!


Will add, the actual mailings and Drivers License came with the addressing set forth in this thread. It did not work if the PO Box and Physical Address got reveresed which usually happened when the sender chose to decide how they wanted to set up the mailing (not good).

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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

@UncleB wrote:

@Tdatb64 wrote:

Can't you just go to your local post office and put a hold on your mail delivery? That way the post office keeps your mail there until you go in and remove the hold, picking-up the mail you got in the interim.



I would definitely check into having an official hold placed on your home mail.


There's another option, but it's expensive... USPS Premium Forwarding Service. 

I agree with 5his^^^

Thank you for the wealth of knowledge I have learned from these forums. I am logging off as of November 9, 2022. I wish everyone great success.
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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

It will definitely be lender-specific, but I have had some success with sending a replacement card to a hotel (you mentioned heavy work travel). I explained to the bank that I wouldn't be at my home for a significant amount of time and the only way they could reliably get me a card was to ship to my 'residence' that week.

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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

@core wrote:

If Petal is already in the process of mailing your card, then any suggestions seem rather irrelevant at this stage.  You'll either receive it or you won't.  USPS occasionally forwards stuff they're not supposed to, so you still might get it at your PO Box?  I see very little you can do at this point except hope.


There are plenty of sneaky ways around address issues like yours, but the time to employ those methods is before applying.  Not after approval when the card has already been mailed (?).  My favorite is changing my address with one of my existing creditors, letting it report, then quickly apply for the new account before my next existing creditor re-reports the older legit address.


I'm curious why you "can't" receive mail at your residential address?  Yeah I get that you travel for business and you may not be able to receive it in a timely manner, but what about months down the road?  Or do you not even have access to your "residence" anymore because it's no longer your residence?  I guess the details matter here.

To clarify:


A temporary move to another city, might become permanent, but details remain uncertain; and so, I was trying to preemptively arrange (centralize) things, so that I wouldn't have to worry about if anything was lost in transition, or delayed.


The problem was that, in the process, I didn't realize that it would interfere with certain other things (receiving a new card, etc); as I assumed it would go smoothly, as did most other arrangements.


(I mistakenly didn't think about how new accounts would need to be sent to the home address; because my existing accounts were able to be changed over, and I didn't stop to think about how it might be different for a new account. It was an oversight).


To answer why the home address could not be used: The situation involves another person, who I would rather not rely upon for my important/private (financial) mail.


While a bit complicated to explain, it wasn't anything dubious; just seeking to be self-reliant, rather than to depend on another party.

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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

The idea of putting a hold on the mail was something that I had not really thought of, and I assume would have probably worked.


In the mail "hold" situation you suggested; it effectively holds short of that problematic final step (delivery), avoiding delivery and forwarding, which would seem to solve the issue.


That's a great idea, actually.


Update: I received the Petal Card.


It appears that I had initially not received it, so I requested them to re-send it. I don't know if it was sent differently, but I did receive the card. 


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Re: Non-Residential Delivery of Physical Card

I'm a little late to the thread, but man I'm excited to see that I'm not alone with this! I also live in a rural area (island) where USPS doesn't do physical deliveries. In fact, we didn't even have building numbers until last year, or street names until like 10 years ago. When giving directions to people, we still go like "Hey, you know that supermarket on the road from X village to X village? If you pass it, then just before you get to the hill, you'll see a yellow apartment building. Call me again if you can't find it and I'll stand on the street."


Most FIs allow you to list separate physical and mailing addresses, but for the ones that don't, usually if you tell the CSR your situation, they'll find a way to send it to your mailing address, usually by just overwriting the physical address saved on file with your PO Box.


Like others have mentioned, there are possible workarounds if CSRs can't do everything for you. Listing your physical address on Line 1 and your PO Box on Line 2 can work but only if the FI's system allows you to. Another is asking your Postmaster or other helpful post office person for help. In towns like mine where there is no delivery, they'll be fine with holding your mail for a couple of weeks before sending it back.


To OP: I'm glad everything worked out!

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