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OT- Well not really- how many hate this commercial? Vent kinda

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OT- Well not really- how many hate this commercial? Vent kinda

Theres a sad sack of a woman dressed in what can best best called sack cloth grey that conspicously matches the building behnd her.  He looks down trodden and as she steps off the curb the heel of her shoe breaks... In comes the chorus singing about some such nonsense of being a new person as someone swipes a Visa card unser her nose.
Suddenly, the world brightens because NOW she can go on a shooping spree.  We see her in a beauty shop chair and gorgeous men are waiting on her shoes needs telling her how important she is now that she has VISa.  Her life turns around because she runs all over town running up debt buying things she obviuosly couldn't afford before.  At the end you see her on  a city street, a suddenly brighter more vibrant version of the shadow of a human being that started the commercial.  Actors in the background are flipping over cars while they sing her praises.
Now THAT just toast my cookies.  Is it a wonder America is in so much credit card debt...  Whas a little bad credit when swiping that card can change your life?
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Re: OT- Well not really- how many hate this commercial? Vent kinda

That was me about 11 years ago.  Footloose and fancy free.   Using my cards like I was a millionaire or something.  Got into trouble when the bills started coming in and it was either shelter/food/transportation or credit cards.  The credit cards (as well as my credit score) got thrown under the bus.  Man oh man, I'd give anything if I knew then what I've learned in just the past month.
What's sad is that people in their late teens and early 20's and even beyond see that commercial and get the idea that you can get things for nothing....since they obviously don't show her struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet.  I personally think that credit should be taught in the senior year of high school in great depth with detailed examples from people whose scores range all the way from 300-850.  The benefits and consequences of every last single action needs to be studied over and over and over again. 
Let's face it, a lot of people struggle with credit issues judging from the many sites devoted to credit repair so it's kind of hard for a parent to pass on credit knowledge to their children when they struggle with it themselves.  My parents always stressed that bills had to be paid on time but even they weren't (and still aren't) well versed in all the ins and outs of this horrible complicated game.  On the other hand, they did give me the #1 basic principle - pay all bills on time all the time.  Unfortunately they didn't tell me what a gawdawful mess I'd get into if I didn't which is why I'm here today.
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