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Obsession out of hand!!!

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Re: Obsession out of hand!!!

I actually get excited when I find money to pay down debt looking for a score change. lol. I admit it has gotten me to pay things back faster.
If we never set higher goals we would never get as far.
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Re: Obsession out of hand!!!

I am not obsessed - I am on a  mission
Wait a sec- what is rule #1 in a 12 step program ????
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Re: Obsession out of hand!!!

ObsessedwithmyFico wrote:
Ok my credit obsession has gotten out of hand

Don't sweat it. Check your Loser Score. It ain't that bad.
DW and I took the kids to Wild Waves today.
Wasn't quite warm enough for a wet day, at least at first, so we made it a mostly dry one doing the kiddie rides. Found out DS is 47 inches tall, so it was hit or miss as to whether we could get on some of the cooler rides with the "You must be 48 inches or taller posting". Couple of 'em weren't checking too much if the kid went with a parent. Others, I couldn't help but think of the teenage ride operator, "You have a future in collections."
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