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Old State Tax Lien

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Old State Tax Lien

I found on my credit report an 8 year old tax lien from the state.  This was in conjunction with a business I owned and operated that was closed in 1986.
I don't recall ever having seen any correpondence and suspect it was without basis but the paperwork related to the business is long gone.
Should I contact the state about removing it or just wait it out?  From the board discussion, it appears state tax liens stick around for 15 years.
It's not a huge deal to me since my income allows me to buy my vehicles and homes absent the use of credit.  I would, however, like to get my credit polished up to closer to where it was prior to my divorce.
Sit tight or engage the state?
An thoughts?
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Old State Tax Lien

I had an old paid state tax lien on my TU report from 1990. I disputed with TU because the lien was paid and they had it reported as owed. The first time I disputed TU didn't do anything. So the next month I disputed again and they deleted the lien from my report. I had called the clerks office and inquired about this and she told me TU would have to send in an auditor in order to get the records. I figured that is why nothing was done on the first dispute. When I disputed the second time it was deleted within a few days.
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