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Old phone numbers and missing current employer

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Old phone numbers and missing current employer

When we pulled my husband's credit reports, we noticed:
*Two employers (but doesn't designate which is current)
*Two employers (indicating past and current)

*One employer (past employer ... not current employer)
The employers are correct, but is the wishy washy reporting important and in need of attention? 

*3 phone numbers (2 from same address during the past 14 years and 1 from the previous address)

*2 phone numbers (2 from the same address during the past 14 years)
*3 phone numbers (3 from the same address during the past 14 years)
These are accurate phone numbers, but identity questions pull from the outdated data and we are getting old ... hard to keep up with all this old information.  Who remembers phone numbers beyond the one they currently have?


Yes ... I'm keeping notes for the next time we have to answer identity questions, but this is getting ridiculous having to keep track of all this obscure information to prove we are who we say we are.  Maybe it's a good thing though (unless someone steals all the data in our credit reports and has access to the old secrets.)  <cough cough> Thanks Equifax!  Smiley Frustrated


If I knew then, what I knew now, I would have never bothered with changing the phone numbers. It certainly did not do any good. 95% of the calls we get are not for us. Once those debt collectors can link someone they are going after to someone else's address, it isn't a stretch for them to figure out the phone number associated with that address.  :-(

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Re: Old phone numbers and missing current employer

The most straightforward solution would be to get all the phone numbers and employment data deleted from the reports.  I never had any difficulty doing that.


You are required to have a full correct name, social, birthdate, and current address.  The CRAs might also want you to have the last address (before your current one).  But aside from that, they don't need any of that info. 

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