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One Collection Item on Report

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One Collection Item on Report

Okay here is my first credit report item:
I found (to my amazement) listed on my Equifax report a collection item sent to a collection agency the fall of 2003.  It was an overdraft item that I paid in FULL in early 2004.  The report shows a balance owing of $0.00, but list the status as unpaid.  I went to the bank (TCF) and made inquiries. The bank manager told me that it was still showing as an unpaid debt.  I called the collection agency (National Recoveries) who informed me that it was indeed paid in full.  The supervisor I talked with stated he would send me documents showing the account paid in full.  I even gave my cell phone to the bank manager who was informed that the debt had been paid in full. Now here is the interesting part:  The bank manager told me that I was to bring in this document from the collection agency so she can forward this to her loss prevention office in order to have this item update and this collection item removed from my credit report.  I insisted that she needed to contact the collection agency (their vendor) since they are the ones who sent me their in the first place.  Somehow the banks collection agency and them are not talking with one another because they collected the debt but didn't notify the bank about the debt being paid in full.  Now the bank is making it my responsibility to provide them with the  proper documentation instead of the agency they reported me to.  I'm thinking that once I get the documentation, I will dispute and if the bank and collection agency doesn't fix this after 30 days, then I will sue for damages. 
Any thoughts from anyone or should I just provide the documents to the bank and move on.  How much does the credot score improve after the deletion of a collection account?

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Message Edited by Felix on 07-05-2007 09:21 AM
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Re: One Collection Item on Report

I assume just the CA is reporting right? Did you pay before or after the account went into collections?
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