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PRA - Cap One - sent to litigation department

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PRA - Cap One - sent to litigation department

Hello all,

I received two letters offering payment options on a capital one credit card opened in 2014 that charged off in 2016. One letter is dated May 2018 and the other July 2018. The second states from PRA that the account went to litigation department but no one has reviewed it and payment must be received by 8/20/18. The state is PA, and the amount owed is about $1,400.00. Any advice on how to handle this? DV? Is it too late to send that? What are my options? If they can validate it, then obviously I will pay it. Just don’t want to pay something to someone that doesn’t own the debt.
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Re: PRA - Cap One - sent to litigation department

When you say PRA are you referring to Portfolio Recovery Assets? Does you credit report indicate that Capital 1 sold the account? If not you could call Capital One to confirm and should be able to tell who they sold it to. If Capital One still owns the debt offer payment in full if the account is recalled from the collection agency. If the account has been sold then then deal with whoever owns the debt now.

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Re: PRA - Cap One - sent to litigation department

If portfolio is going to sue, they will send you an intent to sue letter before filing. Once they serve you, you'll have 20-30 days to respond depending on your local laws. Always respond as not doing so creates an automatic win for them. Those 20-30 days are your last chance to work something out before going to court. If you teach a settlement agreement, the case will be withdrawn. Also, don't hide from the summons. They'll try to serve you a few times, but if they can't dins you, they'll ask the judge permission to print in a local paper. At that point, you won't know unless you see it meaning you have a much higher chance of defaulting.

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