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PSECU... Kiss My Arse!

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PSECU... Kiss My Arse!

Decided to finally give up on this **bleep** bag of a company... But only after:

  • PSECU claimed I never signed my orginal application in mid November
  • Sent in 2nd signed application with 2 utility bills on 20th December
  • Credit Pull on 21st December
  • PSECU lost my application for the next 2 weeks and claimed they never received my application or pulled my credit!
  • Had to send in more proof of identity ( SSN + driver's license ) after they realized that ACTUALLY had my application
  • Credit randomly pulled on 11th of January
  • PSECU representative claimed claimed they never pulled in December... then told me that they pulled in November when I first filled out online application and pulled when I did online application for the 2nd time.  ( IN CASE your wondering, I only did 1 online application and they never pulled in November.  Lieing sack of **bleep** )
  • Called 1-2 per week to check on status of application to find out it was "still being processed"
  • Found out a few days ago that my application has been canceled because they have been trying to get a hold of me... even though I been calling them this whole time to check on status of application...
  • Reason being: Unable to verify Identity. 

I guess driver's license, social security card, 2 utility bills, and multiple phone calls can not verify who the hell you are.  Hopefully none of you get shafted by PSECU like I have!  EX Fico score isn't worth the hassle of sub-standard practices.  I guess that's what happens when you have employees working for a CU at minimum wage.

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Re: PSECU... Kiss My Arse!

I am sorry you had such a negative experience.

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Re: PSECU... Kiss My Arse!

i just got done jumping through hoops for them.  i thought it was never going to end.  just the other day they sent me an email stating 'welcome to psecu.'  guess i'll count my blessings.  sorry to hear you  went through all that work for nothing.

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Re: PSECU... Kiss My Arse!

While I'm sorry to hear you had such a hassle, this is the sort of thing that could have been cleared up in 10 minutes if you went to a branch so I assume you aren't local.  Given that you aren't local, my guess is the only reason you were trying to join PSECU was for the EX score.


So ultimately, blame EX for making it so stupidly hard to get a FICO score from them.  PSECU may have eff'd up in your case, but they're mostly set up to handle local business and apparently the swell of out-of-state friends-of-PA-parks has been a bit much for them.  Sad, but understandable.

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