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Paid CA a month ago, now refunding me

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Paid CA a month ago, now refunding me

So I paid $74.35 to Credit Control Services back on May 22 and the payment went through and posted to my account, then was updated as paid on all 3 bureaus. 

I wake up today and notice a pending return from CCS in the amount of $74.35. 

not sure if I should give them a call or just let it go. I don't want the account to randomly relocate saying I owe $74.35

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Re: Paid CA a month ago, now refunding me

Give em a call and see whats up.
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Re: Paid CA a month ago, now refunding me

The most likely reason would be that the debt collector had their collection authority terminated prior to having received your payment.

That could occur if the creditor terminated their assignment of collection authority prior to your payment, or could occur if the debt collector owned the debt when it was  reported, but sold it to another prior to your payment.


Either way, you have an issue of whether the debt was paid that must be resolved.

Call them and inquire before you deposit the refund......

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