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PayPal/Synchrony Bank Mastercard Inquiry Removed

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PayPal/Synchrony Bank Mastercard Inquiry Removed




I applied for the PayPal Cashback Mastercard April 6, 2019. I got denied for the length of time my accounts have been established.


While I waited for that number to grow up, I happen to take a look at WalletHub's report on my credit. I happen to notice that WalletHub has report that the inquiry has been removed! Has that happen to anyone else instead of that inquiry being there for the full 2 years?



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Re: PayPal/Synchrony Bank Mastercard Inquiry Removed

it is probably not a real big deal, as it is "Un-Scoreable" after 1 year.


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Re: PayPal/Synchrony Bank Mastercard Inquiry Removed

Yes, WalletHub alerted me that it was taken down yesterday but it’s on there as of today so I think it was a WalletHub issue. It happens sometimes — I got an alert in January that my BK was deleted. 


Needless to say, I got excited for nothing. 😔 


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Re: PayPal/Synchrony Bank Mastercard Inquiry Removed

Its a glitch. 2 days in a row got the same message. Wasnt gone on my 3B pull the other day.

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