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PayPal "Pay after delivery option" Inquiry Question...

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PayPal "Pay after delivery option" Inquiry Question...

Received this notice of a service from PayPal where you have the option to delay payment for up to 14 days. No mention of credit checks or anything of that sort. Before I spend the time contacting them, does anyone know for sure on the credit check question? Wouldn't want to waste an inquiry for this, Looks like it could come in handy someday for window dressing on the credit report by having a large charge floating around, unreported in the cloud so to speak..


Thanks in advance


"*Terms and Conditions for Pay After Deliver Extended Coverage

The Pay After Delivery ("PAD") payment option allows qualifying buyers to purchase eligible items and wait up to 14 days to pay for them. The PAD payment option is only available for eligible purchases under $10,000.00 and is not available to all buyers. In order to use PAD, qualifying buyers must have a valid checking or other qualifying account at a bank which is linked to their PayPal account and identified as their primary bank account from which funding transfers may be withdrawn; if there is no valid linked bank account then PAD will not be available, even if the qualifying buyer has used PAD before. Where a buyer and item purchased are eligible for PAD, which shall be determined in PayPal's sole discretion, buyer may choose the PAD payment option at the time of purchase. Although PayPal will not impose a fee for a buyer's use of PAD, it is possible a third party, such as the financial institution holding the primary bank account, may impose a fee in connection with the payment or purchase, in addition to the amount of the transaction."


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Re: PayPal "Pay after delivery option" Inquiry Question...

I did not receive an inquiry for using this service.  I've been using it for the past few months and nothing has popped up on my credit reports regarding it.  

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Re: PayPal "Pay after delivery option" Inquiry Question...

Been using Pay after Delivery for quite a while now.  I believe you only need to be Paypal Verified to use this.  No inquiry involved, it is not actually credit, just paying after the delivery is made.  I usually go into my Paypal account to pay once my purchase arrives to keep up and not have the transaction deducted from my bank account a week or so later.   On the other side, I get an e-mail from Paypal stating they are going to make the decuction before they actually do it.  It is a nice service from my experience.

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