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PayPal upgrade issue

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PayPal upgrade issue

Hi Everyone.

So i have been a PP member for years and until 2 months ago, they sent me a letter saying they will upgrade my accoubt from PayPal Smart Connect to PayPal Extras MasterCard.

With that upgrade, my credit line was also doubled.  I had a balance on the PP Smart Connect and it would be transfered over with no issues.

I recevied my card by mail and activated it. 

But a few days later i received a credit notification saying my credit score was lowered. It nearly went down 50 points.


Is their anything i can do to report to the 3 credit bureaus that this was NOT a new request for credit but it was an upgrade by PP?


Please help.



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Re: PayPal upgrade issue

Was there a new hard inquiry?

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Re: PayPal upgrade issue

Not  at all. I was already a member and they "upgraded" my account.

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Re: PayPal upgrade issue

Yep, and I've gotten CLIs that have dropped my scores 10 points or so. Generally, it is only for the short time. Your potential debt exposure went up with the increased credit line. Give it time and your scores will shoot back up. Hopefully, you aren't planning on buying a house or car in the next 3 months or so.

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Re: PayPal upgrade issue

OP, there usually should not be a drop in your score for a credit limit increase, as it improves your total overall credit, therefore, decreasing you utilization percentage. Also, even if you just opened a new card, not even just upgrading, that would not cause a 50 point ding. YMMV to a degree, but I don't think that drastically.

If I had to guess, either one thing, or the combination of several, caused your score to drop.

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Re: PayPal upgrade issue

By any chance when that new card reported was that old card still showing on your report with a balance...Likely too something else is tied to it, I know I lost like 5 points when mines reported but it had a 0 balance but around the same time some other new balances were showing when I checked that weeks CK fako which showed a deeper picture.


Oh and those don't report as transfers..those are totally new accounts on the sync upgrades...check the account to see if it's listed closed or transferred (the old one)

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