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Paying on cards loans and other stuff new here need advice

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Paying on cards loans and other stuff new here need advice


This is going to be a long post im sorry if your bored and can help please read it !!!

Ok here is cards i have now

Major  Cards

Cap1 QS --1800 limit ( use this card for everything and everytime a charge posts i pay it  due it for rewards)

Cap1 Plat 800 limit (have this card locked never use it )

Discover Secured 300 limit ( use it ONLY to pay my cell bill 220 a month Autopay the 220 on Statement Date or as soon as it clears )

Merrick Bank Visa 1400 limit ( never use this card but it does charge 3$ a month service fee that usally shows on credit report I autopay the 3$

Bestbuy Visa  1000 limit (never use card im the Authorised user my Grandmother is the primary  I was denied BB she was approved )


Store Cards

Amazon STore 750 Limit  ( 0 bal i use it at amazon but soon as charge post i pay it off )

Pay-pal Store  100 Limit (never use have used in past )

Kingsize 250 (never use have used in the past )

Wal-mart 150 limit  ( dont use card anymore)


1. What would be the best way to handel these cards  to get the best performce in my credit score   ?


MAJOR BANK CARDS Amex BC 15k, Amex CM 1500, Amex Delta 1k, BB&T Travel 4500, BBVA 6900, CAP1QS 2600, Discover 3300, Marvel MC 6000, Wells Fargo CR 4500, Blispay 2k
CREDIT UNION CARDS DCU 2k , Robbins 10k, United1st 5k
STORE CARDS Amazon 10k, Home Depot 5k, PayPal 4k, Walmart 6k, Lowes 12k
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Re: Paying on cards loans and other stuff new here need advice

1. Close Merrick, Paypal, Kingsize, and Walmart.


2. Use the remaining 5 cards in a manor that benefits you the most in terms of rewards.


3. Set your auto pay to pay the full statement balance on or before the due day, take full advantage of the 25 day grace period and hang on to your money for as long as you can while earning interest in high yield saving. That said, keep your UTI under 29% to show responsible usage, make extra payment if need be after large purchases.


4. The month before applying for new credit, deploy AZEO to bump your score a little, report $0 balance in all cards except for one, report < 9% on that last one.


5. Micromanaging by paying every charge immediately after it posts is a complete waste of time, effort and money, to report a desire balance on your statement all you need to do is make one payment before the statement cut date.

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