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Payments Disappearing after 4 years

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Payments Disappearing after 4 years

I recently noticed that my payments (late and on-time) were falling off of my Nelnet student loans after 4 years?

Everything I read tells me it takes 7 years for items to fall off of your credit report.

Any ideas on what is happening here?


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Re: Payments Disappearing after 4 years

Where are you seeing these reports?


They *can* fall off sooner, but I have seen some reporting sites only report out four years - pull your consumer reports with to be sure.


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Re: Payments Disappearing after 4 years

7 years for (most) negative items, 10 years for (most) positive closed items. Unlimited for still-active accounts.


But the detailed monthly payment data is usually capped at 36-48 months.


There may still be a indicator of "worst payment status" (30/60/90/etc) on the account itself, even if the monthly data is no longer visible. That indicator would clear at 7-ish years.


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