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Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

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Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

Does Any one use/used Personal Capital for the Credit card transcations management?


I got a Email from Credit Sesame that I can use this for free (I guess). So wanted to know if it's good.

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Re: Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

Hey newUser0!  Welcome to the forums!

I personally don't have experience with this service.  I'm going to as the MODs to move this to General Credit forums in the hopes that someone there might be better able to answer your question better than the credit card forum.  Good luck with your question. Smiley Happy

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Re: Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

I use Personal Capital, but haven't used is specifically for credit card transaction management. Personal Capital is geared more towards financial (ie: investment) management in general. For other financial related tracking (banks accounts, CCs, etc) I would suggest instead. With any transaction, you can split the transaction into different categories. For instance, if you bought groceries and birthday presents at Walmart at the same time, you can break the single transaction down for budget/tracking purposes. Hope that helps.

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Re: Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

Thanks for the info.


This website asked my credentials for my Bank and Card Accounts. So wanted to make sure they are trustable before I use them. So thought if any one is using and get some light on this...

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Re: Personal Capital For Credit Account Monitoring

I've used Mint and Personal Capital. While Mint has a lot of cool features, it does not work with all of my financial accounts and has a lot of bugs. Many of the issues I reported over a year ago are unfixed, and new issues have emerged. By comparison, anytime I use the "Send Feedback" button at Personal Capital, I notice that my problem is fixed within 2 weeks. I primarily use Personal Capital for tracking my net worth, when bills are due, and click on the accounts to glance at recently posted transactions. I don't use any of the transaction catgorization tools so I can't say how well they work.


Give both a try and see if you like them. Manilla and Finovera are other similar sites that I would recommend for tracking bill due dates, but they emphasize downloading and saving your account statements and documents, as opposed to the transaction tracking of Mint and Personal Capital, or the budgetting of Mint. Finovera is a pretty new service, so they have a lot of things that aren't working perfectly yet, but I like it a lot and am glad to see how quickly they are improving.


As far as your questions about security, these sites are legitimate, have been around for years, and have not had any account info that I know of stolen over their years of existence. However, that doesn't mean it is impossible in the future. If it did occur, even though all of these sites claim to have bank level security and be ultra safe, my financial institutions have always been great about detecting unusual locations trying to access my accounts so I don't expect that I will have any problems in the future. 

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