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Personal Loan Advice?

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Re: Update: Personal Loan Advice?

how about bill me later... it's an invisible trade line and she could then paypal you or the landlord, someone she trusts if the landlord won't accept directly and then you write the check to landlord...


besides them I'm back to my suggestion of checking the pre-qual on each bank site to see if she gets offers.

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Re: Update: Personal Loan Advice?

If she has any money saved at least the amount you need (in your case 2k), how about a share secured loan? If you don't know what that it is, its pretty much a loan with your money as a collateral in which they are usually able to charge you 2% APR at most. This is the last I heard, haven't had one in a while so I'm not sure if its any different but definitely the best way to go and much better then delpeting your savings!

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Re: Personal Loan Advice?

Is talking to the landlord, explaining the situation and seeing if she can set up a monthly payment plan an option?

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