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Please help!! GM made a huuuuge mistake

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Please help!! GM made a huuuuge mistake

I have an auto lease with GM, just opened in April. The payments weren't properly credited (their error) so they reported a 30 day late on my credit report!! I called them and it was finally straighened out... so I thought. Instead of removing it, they reported it as "Not more than 2 payments overdue" WTH?? I called and spoke with an agent who said she didn't see any late payments so she couldn't do anything. I faxed my credit report to them and requested a letter stating all payments were made on time.


What do I do now??  

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Re: Please help!! GM made a huuuuge mistake

I would dispute with the CB's.

If they contact GM, it should be removed..


Good Luck.. & Sorry! 


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