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Please place eyeballs here:

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Please place eyeballs here:


08/02/2001         08/2001            08/2001


11/01/2002      12/11/2006         04/2005


[TransUnion] Settled - less than full balance

[Experian] Account legally paid in full for lass than the full balance.
Account legally paid in full for less than the full balance.

[Equifax] Settlement accepted on this account


Experian Equifax

30 DPD                               1              0

60 DPD                               1              0

90 DPD                               0              1


Can someone smarter than me help me figure this out? Notice the discrepency in reporting dates. Also, on Trans Union, No lates showing, just settled less than balance. I GWd this loan - 6/25. This disaster was the result of a stupid divorce judge believing my ex when he said he would make the payments...Any-hoo, is this a derog on TU? Ironically, my EX FAKO went up 4 points since yesterday...Thanks in advance for your ideas/input!!

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Re: Please place eyeballs here:

It's a paid derog on all three.
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Re: Please place eyeballs here:

Wait for a response from your GW letter. If you don't hear anything, yea or nay, after 4 weeks then send another GW letter. Same basic thing. Maybe a phrase or two change, and maybe begin with something like:
"I'm sorry if I misplaced your response to my June letter. I am following up on my request ..."
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