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Post Bankruptcy Disputes


Post Bankruptcy Disputes

Hello all,

On June 8th of 2005 I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged on September 30th, 2005. Up to the point of filing bankruptcy my wife and I were current on our car payment. Once we filed in June, we stopped paying. As of July the loan was 30 days late, August 60 days late...WFS Financial filed an exemption of the they could take back the car...once it was filed, we called their lawyer and had the come pick up the car...I believe that was the beginning of September. Later in the month, the debt for the car was included in the discharge. WFS continues to report the debt to all 3 CRA's in a manner similar to how it is listed below :

Balance [?] $0
Current Status [?] Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor
Past Due Amount [?] $0

Date opened [?] Jul, 2004
Date of last activity [?] Oct, 2005
Date of last payment [?] May, 2005
Account number [?] XXXXXXXXXXXX
Account type [?] Auto Loan
Credit limit [?] Not Reported
Terms [?] 72 Months
Credit Type [?] Installment
Account holder [?] Joint Account

30 days late 1 time (Jul 2005)
60 days late 1 time (Aug 2005)
90+ days late 17 times (Jul 2007, Dec 2006, Nov 2006, Oct 2006, Sep 2006, Aug 2006, Jul 2006, Jun 2006, May 2006, Apr 2006, Mar 2006, Feb 2006, Jan 2006, Dec 2005, Nov 2005, Oct 2005, Sep 2005)

Based in the info I have is the correct way the account should be listed? Since we didn't dispute exemption of the stay and allowed them to take the car there some legal reason they are still considering it a charge off and not as included in bankruptcy? I disputed it as "Included In Bankruptcy" but it was verified and changed slightly...I'm a little lost at the moment...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-- Eric
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Re: Post Bankruptcy Disputes

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? Smiley Tongue

-- Eric

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