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Prepaid mobile phone # cannot be verified?

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Prepaid mobile phone # cannot be verified?


My credit card bank tried to verify my purchases with a "3rd party verification system" but they said couldn't validate my mobile # so they just froze my cc and might even close the account. After a lot of back and forth, I realize the only issue is that my mobile # is prepaid. I realized postpaid mobile phone accounts are created by running credit and identity check, while prepaid accounts are not. I guess this is why the 3rd party verification system couldn't verify me? Has this occurred to anyone? This is subtle because I used to put down mobile # on my cc account without thinking about whether it's prepaid or postpaid. The cc bank also didn't require the mobile # be postpaid account when I applied the cc. My question is, if I get a postpaid mobile #, will the CC be able to immediately verify me?  I read in the history that even this might not work as the phone # have to be attached to you for a certain amount of time (I guess on the credit report?)

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Re: Prepaid mobile phone # cannot be verified?

Is this prepaid as in you have an account but just pay in advance, or prepaid as in burner phone type thing, where there really is no linkage?   I would hope that the former should work, but if, as you say, no credit check, I guess that could prevent verification.


In the good old days, some places required a landline as that really tied you to a place, unlike those new-fangled cell-phones where you could be anyone anywhere....


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Re: Prepaid mobile phone # cannot be verified?

I have a pre-paid flip phone as my cell, ($10, 4-months,166-minutes) and

a network (sip/packet) home phone number.

Both, I log in and pull funds from a linked CC.

Neither are large famous companies.

Not a burner phone but not large well known phone companies.

Sip is "Callcentric" and flip-phone "Page-Plus"


Just a data point

Have never had a problem to date.

* Hope this does not jinx me *


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