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Prime versus subprime credit cards

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Re: Prime versus subprime credit cards

After the merge or takeover, I have never received a bill from BOA.  Its from FIA.  When I want to access my account online, I have to go to the FIA website.  I originally opened my card account with MBNA, its a fidelity investmenst rewards plat plus.  The TL reporting on my reports says FIA, no mention of BOA.  How can a card services department be a creditor?  My wife originally opened her account with MBNA, a world points MC, she now received a new card with the BOA logo and her statements come directly from BOA.  Nobody ever told me that FIA was simply a cardservices dept for BOA.  They sure as heck behave like a ccc.  If what your saying is true, it totally new news to me.  I guess my friend is giving me incorrect info.  He says he was denied a Visa Signature card from someone he talked with at FIA.  Later called an entirely different telephone number applied and was approved for a Boa Visa signature card.  Is it possible that their are two tiers within boa, a high and low.  I am going to call FIA and get the truth.  I will keep you advised and create a new thread called FIA/BOA."
The bill comes with the company that manages the card, which is FIA. FIA is one of the child companies of BOA, that happens to do all of its credit related affairs (similar as to how Banc of America is investment company). Although cardservices department as I phrased it originally would be more accurately said as the credit card department per se.
If you were with MBNA, your account was aquired through a merger and now belongs to BOA (although all existing boa and mbna customers were all placed under the same roof of fia's boa arm). THe fia site you're referring to I'm assuming is, which is just a temporary thing for older mbna customers - I'm surprised you haven't been pushed over to the boa's main website - but you card with fia most certainly can access the card from online banking.
Finally just like any other large company there are multiple call centers, multiple numbers to reach various places, and multiple offerings some easier some harder. FIA is BOA.

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