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Prosper 30 Day Late Reporting Policy


Prosper 30 Day Late Reporting Policy

Hello everyone,


I haven't had a 30 day late for over 5 years. However, I might have broken my streak. My prosper loan was due back on July 16th and I made my payment on the 14th of this month with payment posting on the 15th.  I reside on the westcoast. When I made my payment on the 14th it was before midnight. If I were to go based off pacific standard time technically I wouldn't be 30 days late. However, if we are talking eastern time than I would hit that 30 day mark since I made the payment at 10:40pm on the 14th which would be already 1:40am the 15th eastern time. This is assuming I get credit for payment when I submit and not when it posts.


When I logged online it did say I was already 30 days past due. So I suppose they are going off eastern time frame. Has anyone had any experience or know how prosper handles 30 day lates? I got two different responses from prosper reps. One rep said I will get reported and another rep asked their supervisor and said I should be good because they havent reported to the bureus yet and my account shows current right at the 30 day mark. I can't find anything specific about this on their borrower agreement aside from they will report you to the bureaus if you are in excess of 30 days late.


Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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