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Pulling Score & Reports with Freeze in place

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Pulling Score & Reports with Freeze in place

I froze my Experian report yesterday to make sure I dont get any inquiries on there for the next year.


When I pulled my updated reports on USAA this morning, they were unable to pull my Experian info.


I couldnt pull a new Experian report on here either.


I do have a pin, do you have to use that to pull your own reports when its frozen? If so, how do you do thast with the pin?



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Re: Pulling Score & Reports with Freeze in place

Iwol, I had the same problem pulling my FICO Exp score.  I had to unfreeze my account with Experian in order to view my FICO Score.  With USAA CMS, I haven't encountered that problem.  Hope this helps!

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