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Question About Public Record/Judgements

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Question About Public Record/Judgements

I'm starting to dissect my credit report I recently received from myFICO from all three credit bueras and now I've arrived to trouble shooting my public records. So far, I have a handful of things that are listed under the public record. I have two questions about this portion of my credit report:


1) Is the a complete and comprehensive report of any and all judgments or public records against me regarding my credit? All my delinquent accounts are from years ago and I have nothing new like this, since I decided to change my life in a lot of positive ways. Can I trust this is a accurate list, or do I need to go down to the courthouse and pull a more complete record of other judgments (again, just regarding credit) that may not be appearing on myFICO report? Again, I've had nothing in recent years that would have gone this way.


2) I know that sometimes a judgment on the public record can lead to some type of wage garnishment. I'm self-employed, so there is no way for them to attach it to anything if so, but I do know people in my family this happened to through their jobs. How can I find out what garnishments (if any) are currently active against me?



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