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Question about raising scores

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Question about raising scores

Hi all, My fico scores are 606 tu, 606 eq, and 637 exp.  My experian jumped a lot after we purchased our house and I am wondering how I get the others to do the same. I think they are only reporting to Exp., I can't find the mortgage loan on the other reports. Don't they usally report to all 3??? Can I call the mortgage co.? or do I have to send a letter? I really want to get over 620 so we can refi in a month. we have a really bad apr and my mort. guy said he could get us refinaced after we paid off some debt and cleared stuff from our report. We owe only a small amount on each car (less than a couple of thousand) and that's it. We paid off all other debt in Jan. The neg. on my report are all late pays from a couple of years ago. It hasn't moved much other than exp. one.  Any ideas???
thanks for any advice you can give me!!

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Re: Question about raising scores

Welcome.. Please read the Scoring 101 thread.
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