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Question on gaining all 3 scores

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Re: Question on gaining all 3 scores

Irvin wrote:
are these walmart ones real ficos? I am guessing they are not because the sign up information is submitted to TrueCredit, which are fakos.

While these scores are FAKOs, they are a good indicator of changes in you scores. Not great indicators, mind you, but good indicators.

Monitor you scores and reports through TC, then when you see big swings, purchase the FICO reports. Or if you are getting ready to apply for credit, auto, home, such, you could also pull FICO scores.

Seems about the least xpensive way to monitor them.

I have become addicted to getting to work, waiting my 24hrs + 1 minute, and getting my scores. SOrt of like Xmas everyday, unless they fall.
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Re: Question on gaining all 3 scores

I hear ya!  I'm another addict to that & the board!
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