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FreeRateSearch wrote:
if fico doesn't want it they can ask me not to. I will contact them now and notify them of the post
I considered it valuable information, not spam.
In fact, if people have this information, they might avoid making poor decisions
show me another place ANYWHERE on the internet that anyone can get customized pricing, let alone subprime.

Message Edited by FreeRateSearch on 04-19-2007 09:17 AM

Hello FreeRateSearch,
Thanks for your participation in the FICO Forums.
While your site contains links to some knowledgeable and reputable credit experts, i.e. Gerri Detweiler and the folks at, who I would encourage this community to visit, the presentation of the site in your most-recent post is overtly commercial and spam-like.  Also, with this latest post, your link has now been posted repeatedly in these forums.
The overtly commercial tone and the repeated posting of this link are not in keeping with the spirit of this community.
I'm going to leave your original post from 4/17 but will be deleting this one from earlier today.
Please continue to contribute while adhering to the spirit of the community and the User Guidelines.

Formerly consumer affairs manager, media spokesman and myFICO Forums community manager at FICO, I'm now freelance writing for and my own site,

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Imagine if each borrower, especially those in the subprime arena had this type of information before they jumped into an ARM mortgage, we wouldn't have the problems in that space that we do, today, with millions going bankrupt or finding themselves in foreclosure or caught in the DTI trap. I am trying to help them from doing it again, and others who might find themselves in a situation where they need to make choices, wherein they don't have the data they need.
We are a consumer advocate sight, with more information and valuable resources than most on the internet. In fact, I can say without doubt that NO ONE has what we offer to the public. We don;t bait people, we give them FREE access to real time live rates, including subprime.
You might have left the rates up.
I won't bother to post, anymore.

Message Edited by FreeRateSearch on 04-19-2007 02:00 PM
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