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Rebuilding Credit

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Rebuilding Credit

Ok. I am back! I recieved a credit alert, I am at 452. Smiley Sad
I have paid off all the baddies except -
96.00 Verizon collection
324.00 Verizon Collection
642.00 Spiegal Charge card - settlement of 257.01 accepted
I am trying to rebuild credit. The settlement from Spiegal - should I attempt a PFD? 
(I am 1/1 with PFD's)
I have a vehicle title, and I want to reestablish my credit - should I take out a small collateral loan at a major bank (500CL) just to have a revolving account on my credit? Will that boost my score?
Secondly, why does your score jump up when you pay off a collection vs a old charge off account.
Thanks in advance

Starting Score: 474
Current Score: 583
Goal Score: 650

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Re: Rebuilding Credit

Sept 07 EQ 419

April 2012 EQ- 669 EXP- 680 TU-700= Proud New Homeowner!
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