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Rebuilding after chapter 7 need advice!

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Rebuilding after chapter 7 need advice!

Hello all I am new to the forum, I have read/learned a lot now I want to see if I can get some help in my rebuild process. I have seen the BK to 700 thread, but I burned a lot of card issuers so I am stuck. So heres my story be nice, I am blind so forgive my typing and please don’t lecture/criticize me I learned a very painful lesson for trying to help people. I also struggled with patience and lack of knowledge and have learned a ton. So here goes.

Who i burned:

Cap 1 QS (2)

Amazon store card

Wal mart store card

Best buy store card

Care credit

Mid American CU signature loan

Unify FCU car loan

One main financial signature loan


Kohls was 0

My wife also had:

Chase freedom and amazon (chase card)

Kroger 1-2-3 0 at time of bk

Home depot was 0

Lowes was 0

Kohls was 0 (survived BK 1000 limit!)

Cathrines was 0 (also survived BK $2500 limit!)

I think that is all of them.

What I have done and my plan,

For me I got a Self lender 2 yr $25/month $526 CD

I also got a credit one bank card (yes I know it sucks but it’s a card) $500 with a $39 AF

I am also an AU on her cathrines card for several years now

Strange situation for me is :

With her Chase freedom and amazon I took myself off as an AU before the BK, thinking it might save me a little. Now they report open  0 bal, current, but haven’t updated since 8/17.

For her:

She has the two cards that survived BK, as well as her student loans that should be back soon. They will be forgiven one day, pending a lawsuit filed against the school for deceptive loan practices.

Our ultimate goal is to build about the same, keep it manageable and buy a home in 2-3 yrs. We are working hard to do it right this time. Any advice is appreciated please be nice.


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Re: Rebuilding after chapter 7 need advice!

Also forgot she also had a cap QS and venture

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