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Region's Bank LOC - Removed Account from Credit Report

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Region's Bank LOC - Removed Account from Credit Report

For anyone in the south east that banks with Region's and had their line of credit product called "Ready Advance" attached to your checking account, you are about you lose that TL on your credit reports.


Got a letter in the mail the other day stating that they are discontinuing that product.  Thought "oh well"... doesn't bother me at all as I only used it a couple rare times as overdraft protection.


As of yesterday, Region's has removed (not closed) that TL from my credit reports.  That really sucks because they reported payments (even when you didn't use it) every month to all 3 CB.


I wish they would have just closed it so I can keep the history and AAOA.


Not a life changer but just FYI...


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