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Remove closed accounts from Credit report

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Remove closed accounts from Credit report

I have 3 closed accounts on my file


BofA - closed by mistake

Amex Plenti - Plenti program got closed

Syn American Eagle card - Closed due to inactivity


How do i get off those from report?

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Re: Remove closed accounts from Credit report

You’re better off having them. It sounds like none were derogatory closures, so they’ll benefit you based on average account age.
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Re: Remove closed accounts from Credit report

Closed accounts are only removed by teh CRAs after being closed for approx ten years, as most if not all derogs have been excluded by that time, and thus the account no longer has useful information to creditors as it no longer shows any payment history profile.

That is totally a housecleaning measure on the part of the CRAs, and is not mandated under the FCRA.


If you, for some reason, wish closed accounts to be removed prior to CRA cleanup, then you can contact the reporting creditor and request that they do a voluntary good-will deletion of the account.

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