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Removing a negative item off credit report

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Removing a negative item off credit report

I've only ever had ONE negative item on my credit report. I'll spare you the details but it is a credit card from 2010 - 7 years ago. I was always under the impression after 7 years it falls off and can be removed from the credit report - it's still there, and when I contact the credit card company they're not helpful one bit, DESPITE having two credit cards with them right now for years! I don't get it. Should I just proceed with a dispute with the credit bureaus? 

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Re: Removing a negative item off credit report

It needs to be 7 years from the time the account first became delinquent. So if it was in November 2010 then it would come off in November 2017.

Also, you can dispute it as too old 3 months before the month it's supposed to fall off. So if it was November then you could make the request in August. Hope that helps!
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Re: Removing a negative item off credit report

The credit report exclusion periods generally pertain to individual adverse items.

They have exclusion dates that pertain to the adverse item, and not the account itself.


An entire OC account normally is not excluded based on expiration of the exclusion period of individual derogs reported on the account.

The possible exception is if the OC account was charged-off and remains delinquent when the exclusion of the CO comes about at approx 7 years from DOFD.


Can you list all of the reported derogs under the OC account, and its current status of either continued delinquent or paid?

Sufficent info will then be present to determine what becomes excluded, and when.

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