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Removing fraud alert from Experian

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Removing fraud alert from Experian

Has anyone had to remove an initial fraud alert from Experian lately? I found the process with Transunion and Equifax to be very smooth and easy. With Experian, I had to mail them my documents after having issues with the online submission of supporting documents. That was two weeks ago and still nothing. I'm paranoid that my mail was lost and someone else has copies of my private information. I was able to get the online upload to work today, but you still have to mail the fraud alert removal letter (which I initially mailed two weeks ago as well). Of course, calling means you can't get in touch with anyone.


I am just curious if anyone else has been able to remove a fraud alert from Experian recently? How long did it take? Should I be worried?

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Re: Removing fraud alert from Experian

I've done this with EX and it's usually about 30 days to get it updated, but that was before covid. Factoring in that most companies have staff working from home (or rotating), I suspect the folks who sort thru these mail requests has been reduced, adding processing time to get things opened, transferred and completed. 

If you get to 45 days and don't see anything I'd give them a call. I can understand the nerves kicking in. I was the exact same way when I had to do it. I did mine in October last year. 

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