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Repairing credit for someone in prison?

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Re: Repairing credit for someone in prison?

OP,  SOGGIE'S suggestions are pretty good.  If you take on duties like that,  I would also suggest sending quarterly (or however often is most convenient) updates on your actions on her behalf, so she stays informed, both for her sake, and yours.

You can never have too much in writing.

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Re: Repairing credit for someone in prison?

I might also add, as a security measure, when sending her copies of updated documents that bear her Soc Sec Number, redact all or most the the digits. Some penal institutions have unscrupulous staff and/or inmates processing/handling inmates' mail. You can provide her with the actual un-redacted documents upon her release.

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Re: Repairing credit for someone in prison?

OP, it is gonna depend on the state you are in because regulations are different by state for prison rules. As for cleaning up inaccuracies, let that wait and she can do that later herself. I would worry about providing good history for her by making her an AU and then using the card in her stead, or have her execute a power of attorney to you authorizing you to act and sign on her behalf. Then go online and apply for a joint card. Use it responsibly, and it will provide her a sufficient beginning. These can be located in the law libraries or in the relevant state statute books. Do not discuss it with staff or in mail, as prison staff will always think the worst, because a great deal of fraud is committed by those incarcerated. They've been known to lock inmates up for way less. They always seem to think the worst.

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Re: Repairing credit for someone in prison?

Have the inmate execute a limited power of attorney that gives you the legal right to represent them in any matter that is specifically identified in the power of attorney.  A sample power of attorney would, for example, give you the right to represent them in any manner before any creditor of the inmate, any debt collector attempting to collect on a debt of the inmate, or any credit reporting agency to which credit information of the inmate has been reported.

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Re: Repairing credit for someone in prison?

A key question is how long she's in for. If she's in for awhile a lot of credit problems are actually going to resolve on their own. Time is the ultimate magic in building credit, and that's one thing she has in this situation. People laughed at the garden comment, but really! It's true!


I would get her report as suggested and then look through and identify which issues even need addressing. If some stuff is going to drop off her report before she's out, or shortly after--who cares? Focus on the ones that will still be around. Pay down or dispute only those accounts. 


Then if you can get her set up with any kind of an account, AU on something, any kind of secured card, no matter how limited--she'll be building up credit history.

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