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Response from medical collections RE: PFD opinions please. . .

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Response from medical collections RE: PFD opinions please. . .

I also received a letter today from a collection agency that some of my medical collections have gone to.  I will also post that letter.  Any and all opinions are appreciated.
Dear. xxxx
We are in receipt of your letter. 
Our clients xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx, have provided additional information on your accounts that have been assigned with this agency for collection. 
Our client's have validated these accounts as correct and still due.
No settlement offer is acceptable for your accounts.  Should you elect to satify your unpaid balances, the credit file will be updated to reflect the accounts as being paid.
Well at least I tried.  I never offered a settlement just a PFD.  I was offering to pay in full.  I guess I will be paying in full now anyway.  Do you think I should pay the CA or since the OC is listed should I contact them and pay them and then dispute as paid with the CA?  Any and all opinions and advice most appreciated.
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Re: Response from medical collections RE: PFD opinions please. . .

If this was in response to a letter you sent to the CA, I'd try the OC.
Do you know the SOL on this? If you're out from under the SOL, you can use that to your advantage.
Thank you for your letter of June X, 2007. blah, blah, blah. Since this debt is no longer within the SOL, then it seems a reasonable concession on your part to agree to delete this TL from all CRAs to which it is reported or ever has been reported. My financial situation is such that, without a deletion, there is no advantage to paying this debt. Simply marking it as paid will do nothing to help my credit score.
Don't offer any more money, yet. Save copies of everything you send them, save everything they send you, and save all CMRRR documentation. Occassionally, CAs will get stupid and fire off letters making threats--in clear violation of the FDCPA. Read a couple over on CB that were just priceless, but made me jealous I didn't have that idiot CA after me.
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