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Review My Profile!!!! 19 years old...

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Re: Review My Profile!!!! 19 years old...

@Jordancar wrote:

Sarge12- Thank you for the advice. Right now I don't want a loan just to get one as I feel like it'd be spending money for no reason. Also I am new to the forums and am not certain how to quote people so sorry for just replying like this!

Not an unsound decision if you do not expect to apply for a mortgage in the not too distant future. In order to qualify for lowest interest on mortgage it may be needed, but as responsible as you appear to be, you may qualify on strength of cc alone.

TU fico08=822 05/11/20
EX fico08=819 05/12/20
EQ fico08=831 05/05/20
EX fico09=830 05/02/20
EQ fico bankcard08=858 04/21/20
EQ NG1 fico=802 05/06/20
EQ Resilience index score=59 04/26/20
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Re: Review My Profile!!!! 19 years old...

@Jordancar wrote:

Tacpoly- it's a mix of three summer jobs, two jobs while at school and money from parents that goes towards school expenses. Hard work but worth it! I save what I can.

Holy cow!  When do you have time to study?  I had a job, research, and classes when I was at uni and I barely slept.  I decided to give up the job, but I was offered flexible hours so I stayed. 

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Re: Review My Profile!!!! 19 years old...

Sarge12- definently good advice, I do appreciate it. I know I will have loans coming up for medschool so when the time comes I will be taking on those loans!

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Re: Review My Profile!!!! 19 years old...

I know you have really good credit with really good cards.. may want to consider a Secured Share loan... 

it will solve the (not having a loan)... or just wait for the student loans..... 

It basically is less than the cost of a full 3 pack of reports and scores... (often referred to as the Yuppie Foodstamp Loan),  since the low rates and you get some back in interest on the locked "share"


as well as this (more recent) link

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