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Rover Dog Walking service

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Rover Dog Walking service

I just registered for Rover . com to become a dog walker/sitter to earn some extra income on the side.  I Paid the $35 Background Application Fee versus the $25, and see that I now have an HP on my CR.

I registered with WagWalking . com about 4 weeks ago, paid a $25 Background Application Fee and no HP was done.


Should I dispute this?

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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

I would dispute this, as you weren't applying for credit, it was merely a background check, or call the company and have them code this as a SP.
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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

Thanks!  That was my thoughts as well.

For others that might follow this thread in the future, here is the contact information.

One Montgomery Street
Suite 2400
San Francisco, CA 94104

support @ checkr . com
(844) 524-3275

I'm going to wait till the background check is complete, and will post here how it went.

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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

Credit inquiries are permissible under FCRA 604 for non-credit business transactions, provided the transaction has an associated legitimate business purpose for the business to review your credit history as a part of the transaction.

Usual examples are cable and phone services, apartment rentals, and other transactions where there is a reasonable liklihood that you could end up owing the business for goods or services.


The issue is thus whether or not your transaction had a legitimate business need for them to review your credit.

Do you, in the course of your services, ever have goods or other services extended to you for which you may owe them?


As an aside, this sounds more like an employment credit check than a business transaction with them.

FCRA 604 requires that an employer must first request your permission, and then obtain express written consent prior to having permissible purpose to obtain your credit report for employment purposes.

Are they legally considered to be your employer?

If so, then you might have basis for a dispute of clear lack of permissible purpose if you did not give your prior written consent to their inquiry.

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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

OP agreed to terms of service when he signed up at and maybe buried in the pages of fine print legalese is a clause that he consented to a pull on his credit report.

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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

Does "employment purpose" include freelance work or contractor work? Because I think Rover is like the uber of dogwalking. 

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Re: Rover Dog Walking service

YES, WAG and Rover are the uber of dog walking.  We are 1099 contractors, and we enter peoples homes.

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