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Score increase because of reinvestigation

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Score increase because of reinvestigation

I sent a letter to Equifax asking them to reinvestigate an account that was on my CR...Then I get an update from my fico saying that my fico score has increased by 10 points and the only thing that changed was that they changed the status to consumer disputes, reinvesigation in progress....I had no idea that such an activity could increase your score

Starting Score: 556 EQ/ 612 TU
Current Score: 645 EQ/ 655 TU/ 667 EX
Goal Score: 720 EQ and TU by 1/2014

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Re: Score increase because of reinvestigation

Certain TLs and certain aspects of that TL are removed from factoring during a dispute.  If they find in your favor your score will be what it is now, if they don't your score will go back to what it was.

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