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Screwed by Discover

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Screwed by Discover

I have a dispute with Discover:

Ordered a bed set, before placing the order confirmed can change the delivery address with the carrier if necessary as I was going to at some point soon move to a new house. Item is shipped, and I contact the carrier to change the address of delivery. They say sure but it needs their manager's approval. Each time I call, each time they say the same, except the last time they say it needs approval from Kohl's (the seller). Next time I call, they say Kohl's did not approve and item is already almost back to the sender. Kohl's gave me a partial refund, less the $350 shipping charge, and what seems to be a 15% restocking fee. Kohls customer service don't know their arse from their elbow and I get a different response each time I contact them.


Case opened with Discover 4/13/17. Received a dispute update email on 6/17/17 stating they are still working on it. Receive a electronic from them in my Discover inbox 08/09/17, dated 08/07/17, stating the case was closed in the merchant's favor, no explanation of why they came to that conclusion, and stating I have 15 days to respond.

I have been on the phone at least four times with Discover since, and updated documentation they requested showing the item was not shipped to me or cancelled by me, I did not request for it to be sent back at any point. Called and they said the dispute is now expired, even though I am still well within the 15 days from their letter, and there is nothing further they can do. I am still waiting for a callback from a supervisor although I am almost certain it won't be much help. I have started recording all my phone conversations, I wish I had done it from the very beginning.


I wish I had known beforehand that I should have sent in a physical letter instead of opening a dispute over the phone.


Is it accurate thatin order to exercise your rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act and Truth in Lending Act I should have mailed them a physical letter, so an online/over the phone dispute does not qualify?


This situation is so enraging to me, I am seriously thinking about taking this a step further to the courts. And all of this is just part one of the entire ordeal I am having...Robot Frustrated

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Re: Screwed by Discover

If you are still within the 15-day time frame, send a letter via "certified mail, return receipt requested" detailing all of your conversations since day 1. And I would also get a fax number and fax the same letter.


GL to you.

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Re: Screwed by Discover

I think Kohl's screwed you. You probably should have given Discover documents those early days they were contacting Kohl's (I think you understand that now). That's probably why they concluded in their favor initially. As far as within the 15 days to dispute, but they say you aren't not sure what you can do there. Sorry.

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