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Secured BOA to unsecured, raised limit.

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Secured BOA to unsecured, raised limit.

My scores are finally in the 700’s. Had everything bad drop off, and my scores range anywhere from 732-759! Never thought I would see the day. Thanks for all who previously helped me.

So I have one credit card; which was a BOA secured. I put down 500 bucks on it, and they refunded that in December and raised my limit to 2k. Now, it’s not really necessary other than I want more available credit so I’m not considered in the lowest tier of available credit, butttt. How long should I wait to ask for another Credit limit increase? Since they just gave me an additional 1,500, should I just leave it alone? I keep all my utilization under 11% regardless, and only really use it to help grow my credit score.

Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Secured BOA to unsecured, raised limit.

Congrats on the growth!


If you can for maximizing your scores, keep util 8.9% or under.


BOA is more than likely a hard pull for requesting CLI and my records show 2-6 months, err on that 6 months, and 

you might want to wait a few more.

Since it is a HP, maybe reconsider about apping for a second card....but if so,

just please either ask or read some threads looking to find the best

second card to go for with your profile and needs.


good luck!

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Re: Secured BOA to unsecured, raised limit.

I also got my deposit of $99 returned, but my card still at $500. It's ok for me, just wanted to get in with BOFA (has this card for 15 months now) and apply for others later. With BOFA, you can apply for a card and CLI with one HP.

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