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Seeking advice for building credit (<3 months)

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Seeking advice for building credit (<3 months)

I'm ashamed to say I never really understood credit and have avoided it for my 30 some years.

Now that I'm seeing the benefits, I'd like some advice and have some general questions.

I currently live overseas and travel extensively. Naturally I have my eyes on the CSR and the AMEX PLAT. I'm planning some pretty expensive travel within the next 3 months and am
hoping to take advantage of the signup bonus spend requirements of either card.

Unfortunately, I only have 3 months credit history.

I currently have a secured Discover It with a $1000 limit and some off brand $300 secured visa. Additionally, I've taken out a SSL from Alliant and paid it down below 8.99%. I report zero balance on one card, and $3 on the other. I understand I probably really need three cards to make this work, but I'd rather not waste a HP on another secured card, since there aren't any offerings I'd be interested in after graduating/transferring. I also want to stay well clear of 5/24.

My Vantage scores are just under 700. I obviously don't yet have a FICO score for another three months.

I'm a NFCU member and was planning on applying for one of their cards once I hit the 6 month mark and have a FICO score.

I think I'm obviously not in any position to go for the CSR at this point, but I'm wondering what my AMEX Platinum chances are. I've read since it's a charge card I might have better luck. Is it worth applying for now, at the 3 month mark? Is it completely hopeless? If so, are my chances any better st the 6 month mark, and if so, should I do it before or after the NFCU card? It seems they're keen on giving high CL right out the gate, so it might look better to a AMEX.

Last thing: my Experian CU is clean after a dispute, but my other reports have a court judgement (erroneous). I had to apply for my reports by snail mail, and living overseas adds over a week to any correspondence. Once I get those reports I'll be disputing. It's 6 years old.

I hope this was cohesive. If anyone has any general advice for building my credit I'd greatly appreciate it. I know it might seem like I'm rushing things, but I'd rather not go down the MSP path and I'd like to use a card for my upcoming trips.

Thank you very much in advance for reading this novel!
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Re: Seeking advice for building credit (<3 months)

One thing I'm not clear on.  You say you have 3 months of credit history, but are disputing something that's 6 years old?  I'm not sure how that can be.  Unless you're saying that you're disputing that item on the basis that it's 6 years old and shouldn't exist since you have 3 months of credit history?


I have no feedback unfortunately on the Amex card that you're interested in.  I think in general, Amex likes to see more than 6 months of credit history.  I'd suggest hitting up the credit pulls database and searching for that card.  See in the comments section anyone that was either approved with short credit history or denied with it.  That should give you a little insight as to what you can expect.

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