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Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

@Anonymous wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:

My payment is the 2nd of every month. I've been looking at my reports and though I'm 9 months in, Experian last reported my December payment. If I'd paid better attention, I would've done the ssl with navy. Being so close to getting a house, though, that won't be necessary once I'm done w self. I'd just like it update so my score could see a bump leading up to closing on a house. 

I mean, you will not get a score bump until the final month, really, since that is when the account is under 10% util, *if* this is your only installment loan.


You may get a small score bump if you go under 60% util.


Are you crossing one of those thresholds? Being 9 months in, I do nit think you are crossing either of those thresholds.


You may have made 3 payments since December, but there is no way March will report before next month. Feb, may not even report until the end of this month, abd you are really certain Jan has not reported?


Again, are you looking just at the calander payment history section or the meat of the account details? The "check marks" are not the important part, you need to look at the actual account info above it.

I don't know about if @Anonymous has reached those thresholds. But I have. And just like the original poster mine has not updated with the exact same months TU, EQ since Jan 10th (on CR) and EX since Dec. I only owe one more payment. My balance is $37 out of $527.


But I do see what your saying about the account info. My Feb statement was posted on the 20th in my Self Lender account. It does show account balace of $83.95 of $539.38 which would be 15.56% left to pay. Next payment due Mar 7 which i paid to bring my balance to $37.



Here is screenshot of last report from myFICO 3B report.

self payment.PNG


Looks like next statement date wont cut till the 20th of March which will bring my balance below 7%. But as you can see last report Jan for EQ and TU. Dec for EX.

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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

Update post: I contacted Self via their chat feature. This is what they wrote to me:


"We apologize for the inconvenience, we have confirmed there was an upload issue with January's date for Experian. Our partner banks are working hard to resolve it. We do not yet have a firm date by which this will be fixed."


They followed up with this after I wrote back: "I would advise emailing our compliance department in the future as well at with any issues regarding missing reports. I would advise as well to include images of your credit report for investigation".



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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

Sir, thank you for responding to my post. I'm not happy that there's been an issue for months and I only find out about it when I contact Self via the chat. Anytime it reports to my reports, my score has gone up. Missing 2-3 months of data isn't helping me much right now.

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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

Hi there. I'm at 25% utilization now. I've since made three additional payments and only have three to go. My stinking middle mortgage score is a 678 right now, two points from a slightly better interest rate for the home we're under contract right now. ANNNYYYYYY little bump would be huge for me and this loan is one reason Experian says my score is what it is.


Edit: I've checked my reports. TU and EQ last reported in January. Experian in December. It has been like clockwork since I signed up until these past few months. Just frustrated!

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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

@Anonymous  I have had a self lender account over a year and I love it but husband was assault last year where his neck was broken by a Excop I was late only twice once when was still in the icu and once when I had COVID please be gracious and help get these late payments remove so we can purchase a home with a ramp so he can come home this is hindering me on all 3 Bearues to get anything I've called countless times and know one would help me 

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Re: Self Lender slow to update with credit bureaus

I'm actually having the same issue, TransUnion is updated but Equifax is 2 months behind and Experian has not been reported since January which is concerning.. I'm trying to raise my credit for a home, a car and other things so it's very frustrating as I've had self for a year! My last payment is this month and I was going to open another one but I'm very hesitant with my Experian not reporting since January and my Equifax being behind which it never usually is! I need the reporting especially since this is my last self payment. I have the self credit card and my limit just went up again to $450. I only did the $48 a month $535 self loan but it has been really helpful as with that and disputing fraudulent stuff off my credit report my score went from 533 on my TransUnion to now 704 and TransUnion still refuses to remove two fraudulent hard inquiries the other bureau's have removed. I don't understand why it would take 3-4 months to report to Experian when I've had self for a year! It's beginning to get very frustrating and it's stopping me from being able to do certain things because my credit score has not moved up. Please help!

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