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Re: Settlement

Yea, NCO is bad..make sure you get everything in writing.. Thankfully I was lucky enough to get someone new...I dealt with Premier Bankcard.  They were not going to change the status as settled, b/c they stated they didnt agree to a settlement.   I kept the letter from NCO stating they (PRemier) would accept less for a settlement.  ALSO becare how things are worded..NCO didnt put settlement "IN FULL" and premier wasnt going to accept it as settlement in FULL.. I threw out the fraud and misleading card.. Then what do you know....Premier changed the balance to zero.   So becareful on wording of letters

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Re: Settlement

@laryn41 wrote:
Will a settlement look bad on you report.  Or should you pay in full. Will a settlement raise your Credit Score?

Yes, a settlement looks bad and no, it will not raise your score. 

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