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Should I Walk Away?

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Re: Should I Walk Away?

Hi OP- don't think that we are just getting on you, we are not.  


People on this forum had this type of experience in the past or similar, therefore, they know what the outcome was and what were the mistakes and what they could have done different; they KNOW better and what the best advice is.  Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you "don't do this because this will happen"? or "if you do it this way it will be better"? and you went ahead and did what you wanted anyways? Well, it applies to your situation.  Again, if you do this, you will be in bad shape in the future and you will be regreting not listenting.  


Walk away, sell the house and split the $$ and continue to pay your car/CCs.  


Maybe one day you'll have enough money to knock on the new owners' door and tell them "I grew up on this house, i'll give you this much cash now for it!" Smiley Happy


Good luck!



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Re: Should I Walk Away?

I’m just reading everything and pushing forward.

I’m selling the car. Right now it’s costing me $850 a month including insurance. Just too much. So thankfully I have acquired the funds to pay the $8,500 to sell my car. Will be gone by Wednesday next week.

I am working on hopefully getting a loan or something to consolidate all my debt into one payment, low payment and so on. That ones going to be tougher but I’ll keep pushing.
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