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Should I be worried TU98 vs TU04?

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Should I be worried TU98 vs TU04?

Pulled my TU fico from here 699 today so close to 700. I have done so much since April of this year. My TU04 was 541.

  My question is in January when I try for a home loan and I know they will be pulling TU04 will I be very disappointed? I heard sometimes 98 vs04 is a huge differenceSmiley Sad Why can't we have a TU04 here?. I know EQ is right on from here though.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Should I be worried TU98 vs TU04?

I bet your TU04 is higher, probably in the high 600s, if not 700s. I wouldn't worry. Just do everything you can to ready TU (and the other two too) for a pull come mortgage time.


IME from reading in here that TU04 is +/- 30 pts from TU98, for most folks. IME, my TU04 was 10 lower. DWs TU04 was 30 higher. Great surprise at mortgage time.

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