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Should I pay these medical collections, or would not make much difference? Looking for data/feedback

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Should I pay these medical collections, or would not make much difference? Looking for data/feedback

So I have these two medical collections, on my TU report. I do not recall the original date of what would be considered "delinquency," however, looking back at prior reports, the accounts were first reported in September 2017. 


I've tried several times to have them removed over the years, as I'm fairly confident balances were paid to medical provider by insuranc and co-pays. Probably not worth all the details. But I know it came from visits in I believe June 2016. 


So question is, do I attempt to get PFD? How much are these two actuallyo affecting my TU score at this point? Only real reason for any concern is that at some point in near future, we may be purchasing a new build home, otherwise, another refinance since mortgage scores have gone up pretty significantly since I last refinanced. We are just waiting for pricing to be announced for the new build development before deciding which of the two we are going to do. At this point, mortgage scores are 696 EQ 694 TU and 730 EX. 


I have some things paid as well this month, some other money moved around to reduce the number of accounts reporting a balance, and reduce overall utilization as well. 


So just wondering, really, if after 4 or more years since these were added to my TU report, if it would provide enough of a bump, if any at all, to make it worthit. It's around $700 total for the two of them. Of course, dependent upon the fact that they will actually do PFD.


Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Should I pay these medical collections, or would not make much difference? Looking for data/feed

If I legitimately owed the debts, I'd pay them, regardless of how much impact that would make on my scores. But if I really didn't owe them, there's no way I'd pay them. So the first thing *I* would do is find out whether they're actually valid. If they are...


I'd pay them. But first, on the off chance that after FIVE YEARS I might be able to squeeze a PFD out of them, I'd contact the creditor(s) and ask. If they happen to say yes, then I'd ask them to put it in writing, i.e., just send you a letter stating what you've agreed on. Make sure it's very clear that once you pay the debt, they'll delete the derogatory marks. With that assurance in hand, pay them.


That's what I did, with dozens of creditors, but not 5 years after the fact. I was in the hospital for so long that bills became delinquent WHILE I was still hospitalized. As soon as I was well enough to address it, I got every single ding removed by paying in full, immediately, following receipt of a letter stating our agreement. So I know it can be done....but five years later? I don't know. I wouldn't get my hopes up.


Until you find out for sure whether you do or don't owe those debts, you really can't move forward, in my opinion. As I said, *I* would not pay a debt I don't owe, but we all have to make choices that we believe are best, given our unique circumstances.

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Re: Should I pay these medical collections, or would not make much difference? Looking for data/feed

Could you post who the CA's are? Also call the insurance company and see if they were really paid. If your with the same insurance company. Login and look at what was paid or not paid. Records stay on there hopefully that far back. If so then its easy to rid yourself from them.

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