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Small Claims question

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Small Claims question

I believe that I am going to file a small claim here in the state of WA.  I have heard different answers on whether I can actually do that or not because the company I want to sue is out of state.  I read the exceptions to rule in RCW 3.66.040(8) and I believe that I may be able to file a small claim against this corporation.  Even though they don't have an office in WA, they do transact business in this state.  If anybody has any insight on this, that would be great.
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Re: Small Claims question

I too am from WA.  As far as I know, as long as they do business in this state they can be sued in this state.


Assuming it is a CA, have you checked the WA State Licencing website for CA that have been fined and/or lost their business privileges here due to none compliance?


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Re: Small Claims question

For what it's worth, it is Dell Financial Services and they are based in Austin, TX.  They do pretty much do business in most every state.  My credit file should be showing a 0 balance and it is showing that I owe $369.  I have proof that I paid them off, but they evidently don't care.  They think that I am not going to come after them guns a blazing.  They guessed wrong.  Also, it comes back verified with the 3 CRA's.  Big suprise there.
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Re: Small Claims question

If you are absolutey decidedly hell bent on suing, here are some thoughts;


First step to sue, dispute with CRAs. You did and good for you(if you are hell bent on suing), it came back verified.

Keep copies of the verification results from the 3 CRAs and also your credit reports before and after listing the account.

Try and apply for some card/account which would be denied because of  this negative listing. Keep copies.

Goto court. 1000 bucks.


Of course its not that easy! You probably might need a lawyer or lotsa man hours of dedicated and comprehensive research.


I dont favor cunning unless i'm done wrong and my hatred for the financial system and its entities knows no bounds. We are the richest country and in the world and the second and the third don't even come close put together and still its here that theres a whole lot of people sufferring and id say because of financial abuse. I believe thats the direct or indirect cause of most of the issues we have today apropos healthcare, education, poverty etc. Not crime though cause nothing justifies crime in my books.So i'd do what it takes and perhaps sue and the objective is a negative mark(with state and public) on a company doing wrong..


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