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Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Links Part 2. Updated 2/10/2022

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Re: Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Links Part 2. Updated 11/3/2021

Looks like PenFed can be added to the list of pre-quals now too


10 July: aaand it looks like they removed the feature now. Hopefully they bring it back soon and permanently...

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Re: Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Links Part 2. Updated 2/10/2022

Thanks for the list


Chase pre-qualify is back.

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Re: Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Links Part 2. Updated 2/10/2022

Menards does pre-qual now through Capital One ANNDDD I GOT APPROVED!! @waqaszm1 

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Any pre approved credit card similar to Apple Credit Card with counter offer

Pre approved cards similar to Capital One application process without knowing the credit limited not interested in. I do have American Express cards.

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Re: Soft Pull Pre-Qualify Links Part 2. Updated 11/23/2021

@Anonymous wrote:

Nice list, thanks for posting/updating.

Although, I'd say CreditOne is predatory... These guys don't even allow autopay, and they typically charge an annual fee just for the privledge of having their terrible card. Smiley Happy


Understand that for some, this is one of their only options, but still.

Maybe only  option, but  put at top of list for 1st card to  dump  .. Yes High AF,  HIGH RATES , charges interest moment posted .. 25 day grace period 

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SP Credit Cards

What cards will do a SP to see if you are pre approved for the card? I know Apple and GM and some SYNC.

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Re: SP Credit Cards

@Cory88 - an active topic with this info already exists. Please reference the discussion upthread.

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Re: SP Credit Cards

Might be here somewhere in the thread but I missed it. BlockFi VISA link goes to a landing page that states they've filed Chapter 11. 

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Re: Citi Pre-Qualification Site

I'm experiencing the same. I get no love from any bank. 😓

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Re: Citi Pre-Qualification Site

@Anonymous wrote:

@Credit_Master wrote:

Hi everyone, 


Not sure if this has been posted already. I did a search and couldn't find it. Citi pre-qualification site is up and running.



Jimmy, we couldn’t match you with any offers. See below for cards you may like:


Works the same as it ever did for me. But, thank you, just the same.

Same here.  But what is funny is that for the first time ever, I got PQed for the Home Depot Card


Also, The Blockfi PQ no longer works as Blockfi is currently in bankruptcy proceedings

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